I closed my eyes and opened my hands to the sky.
I saw in my mind’s eye glitter falling down around me
                           . just like I was in a snow globe.
It fluttered down
and made tinkling sounds on my skin.
I could smell that it was made up of slivers of atmosphere,
   I could see that it was made up of stars.
Little bits sparkled in my eyelashes like snowflakes do.
The falling glitter felt warm and at the same time refreshing.
I felt in direct connection with something much bigger than me.
My heart opened up to the sky like a yoga pose.
And goosebumps rained down my arms and legs.

I tip my head back further and feel the glitter racing through my hair.
I rock my head back and forth and feel lighthearted.
I feel connection to the thing and all the things at once.
My eyes roll back into the light, and I smile from pure bliss.

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